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haris baskozos is an artist from Athens Greece. His studio is located in Mets, Athens



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-1990 Athens Greece


_2016 Dipolma in Architecture Enginnering @ National Technical University of Athens

_2018 Visual Arts, Sculpure Department @ Athens School of Fine Arts



Haris is  combining art and architecture after his diploma degree in architecture from national technical university of athens and his visual art studies in athens school of fine arts. his expression started from a diary in 2007 where he wrote his secret thoughts after realizing that expressing in a paper is a souls desire. Very later he discovered that the name of that act is called drawing or painting, he prefers the word "expressing the thought"

combining philosophy, everyday encounters, and feelings he is trying to put his thoughts into action  about all those who are interested in creating their own history of civilization,  not eating served food that you cannot see the kitchen where it's made.

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